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Qualifying Exam

For students enrolled at the Master’s Course, the Qualifying Exam is also the first supervisory committee meeting. For more details about the supervisory committees and the Qualifying Exam, please see “Resolução 01/18 da Comissão Deliberativa do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ecologia da UFRJ”.

The Doctoral Qualifying Exam consists of preparing and presenting a literature review focused on the PhD Dissertation main question. Students should apply to this exam two years after enrolling at PPGE-UFRJ. The corresponding committee should be composed by two members and one alternate member, which are indicated by the student / supervisor and then send to the PPGE Committee for appreciation. These members do not need to be affiliated to PPGE-UFRJ.

For more information, please see the student handbook and the general regulation of PPGE.



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