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Supervisory Committees

Supervisory committees are an opportunity the student has to share ideas about her / his Thesis / Dissertation with other researchers. These committees consist of annual meetings that include the student, the supervisor and two additional members, both having the PhD degree. One member of the committee is indicated by the Ecology Program, and both the student and the supervisor indicate the other member. We ask for students and supervisors to indicate members whose research is focused on the students’ Thesis / Dissertation area.

The committee can be virtual, semi-remote or people can be gathered in person. After each meeting, every member as well as the supervisor must fill a form, and all the forms should then be sent to the student. These forms are very important for the student to reflect about her / him Thesis / Dissertation. Afterwards, the student should send the filled forms to PPGE’s e-mail. 

For students enrolled at the Master’s Course, the Qualifying Exam is also the first supervisory committee meeting. For more details about the advisory committees and the Qualifying Exam mentioned above, please see “Resolução 01/18 da Comissão Deliberativa do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ecologia da UFRJ”.

Questions and forms should be sent to Profa. Natalia Lacerda ( e Prof. Reinaldo Bozelli (


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